About Glen

ArtTravel and The Art Tour Guide are the culmination of many years spent thinking of a way to combine two passions. Along with friends and fellow guides he has been helping people engage with art in New Zealand and around the world since 2007.

Glen Armstrong has long been interested in Art and Art History and holds a BA in Art History from Auckland University.

Glen is passionate about sharing the art and culture of Auckland / Tamaki Makaurau, and New Zealand in general with visitors to our shores and locals alike.

You might find Glen leading a walking tour, driving the bus around Auckland and New Zealand, or your tour manager and guide if you are overseas with us.

For all tour and service enquiries please contact:

Glen Armstrong
The Art Tour Guide

Auckland, New Zealand
Phone: +64 21 509093
Email: Glen@thearttourguide.com



Glen, The Art Tour Guide in his studio