Discover Auckland's Ponsonby Art Walk

Auckland’s Ponsonby to Putiki Street Art Walk

Distance: 2km

Time: 2 – 3 hours
When: Best on a Thursday, Friday or Saturday (Though not in January).

Complete the Art Walk on your own or contact The Art Tour Guide for more information.

We suggest starting at the FHE / Orexart (1,2)  area and heading toward Karangahape Road, and if you have time add on Putiki Street.
See our Google map for open days and hours.

1.  FHE Gallery, 221 Ponsonby Road
2.  Orexart, 221 Ponsonby Road
3.  {Suite} Gallery, 189 Ponsonby Road
4.  Limn Gallery, 119 Ponsonby Road
5.  Ponsonby Central 136/146 Ponsonby Road (For food and pop up)
6. Object Space, 13 Rose Road, Grey Lynn
7. The Poi Room, 37 Ponsonby Road
8. Public Record, 76 Ponsonby Road
9. Endemic World, 62 Ponsonby Road
10. Studio One Toi Tu, 3 Ponsonby Road
11. Bergman Gallery Entrance at 2 Newton Road
(Cross over onto the K Road Art Walk)
12. Monmouth Glass Studio, 5 Great North Road
13. Haus of Flox, 13 Great North Road
14. Fox Jenson McCrory, 10 Putiki Street, Grey Lynn 
15. Two Rooms Gallery, 16 Putiki Street, Grey Lynn
16. Trish Clark Gallery, 142 Great North Road, Grey Lynn
17. Browne School of Art and Gallery 1/194 Great North Road, Grey Lynn
18Ivan Anthony, 564 Great North Road, Grey Lynn Shops – 1 KM

Pop Ups: Gallery 250, 250 Ponsonby Road, Opposite Number 1